Digital Group














Digital Group Computer was an early computer kit company where you could buy it assembled or build it yourself. Building it yourself was a great way to learn about computers and Digital Group had very excellent documentation. The bus was design allow you to change CPUs (8080,Z80 and 6800) and all your perpherial would continue to function. A neat trick! However they had their own bus which wasn't S100 which meant you had to buy cards from them. 

Apple Newton

Apple Newton was introducted in 1993.  It was the 2nd PDA (Personal Digital Assistant ).  Grid was the first.  It featured handwriting recognition however Apple oversold its capability.  The hand writing recognition improved with each new model.  The last model 2100 was fairly good at it.  When Steve Job returned to Apple, he killed the Newton but later came out with the iPad using much of the Newton software.

Nestar Clustor/One Server












Nestar Clustor/One was the first server for microcomputers. It could connect PETs, Atari, Radio Shack and Apple computers and share files. Great way to quickly copy files when the only other way was via very slow cassette tapes.  In the collection under Nestar, you will find photos of the very first Cluster, ads, interoffice memo and schematics.  Since Len Shusek was the co-founder of Nestar, it is fitting that it is being donated to the Computer History Museum where it will probably be stored in the Shusek Center.

IBM 5150A

IBM 5150A PC Computer was manufactured in 1983.  It is shown here with all it software. Note the orginal Adventure Game. Used this computer running Adventure at the West Coast Vintage Computer Fair.