p1 its a backpack
p2 jefferey Pine Camp Site
p3 Photo pose at South Lake
p4 Breakfast cheese omelettes with trimmings
p5 Knapsack Pass
p6 top of Knapsack Pass
p7 Palisade Mts
p8 Repairing Ken's backpack with my water filter pin
p9 bath time
p10 What, fresh corn on the cob
p11 North Palisade glacier
p12 Barrett Lakes
p14 Hiq siqw get down from Potluck Pass
p15 Roper said to ride the scree down. We took the har...
p16 And hit the scree.
p17 Larry said Its Miller Time and he meant it. Ice co...
p18 Cirque Pass
p19 Top of Cirque Pass
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