0a Lois Bombeck at Mt. Ranch
0c Del Pappa's barn. He raised filbert nuts.
0d Joe Del Pappa house
0e Joe-Del-Papa Mt. Ranch
1 vista
1a Getting read to hike from Tuolumne Mdw Campgrounds
1b Filling water bottle in campground.
2 On top of a little hill
3 Larry and Chris exploring
4 Don and Peter cooking dinner that Peter carried.
6 Night time talk
7 vista
8 vista
9 Getting your boots off and resting.
11 Ken, Chris,Larry and Peter having lunch.
12 Larry and Chris having a snack.
14 The PCT is behind them.
15 This is what Peter was carring. I was able to pass ...
16 Peter bought so much food we invited them for dinner...
18 A deer
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