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Adam Osborne was author who wrote the best book on how computers work.  He then turn journalist , telling computer company how to run their companies.  Very insightful.  He decided the build his own computer.  He made it portable with a keyboard, screen and a diskette all build in one.  The problem was the screen.  He decided to use a 5" screen because 7" screen cost too much.  The 5" screen was just too small.

He included a huge amount of software $1500 worth.  It was a hit and for the price $1750 including all that the software.   The 5"screen was a problem and cut into the sales.  Adam announced a new model with a larger screen way before they were ready and it kill the sales.  So they had no revenue coming in and all most bankrupt the company.  

When they did start shipping, KayPro came out with a clone except with a 9" screen and it took away lots of the sales.